McrFRED Round 2

Our kind friends over at Tech Hub Manchester were impressed with the first #McrFRED and have kindly invited us back.

Got a date booked in for Tuesday 30th April 6.30pm till 9pm.

So, if you'd like to attend please comment below, get to know one another, contribute to, if there's anything you're stuck on just give me a shout.

If you haven't already, it would be cool if you could also fill out the feedback form, especially so, if you'd like to talk for a bit (don't be shy! :wink:).

Feedback form:

From the feedback so far, seems like Responsive Web Design and Mobile debugging are hot topics at the minute, so I'll look at covering these. If there's anything else, please leave feedback on the form, or in the comments below.

Again attendance is free, but a suggested donation to cover costs / give to a charity would be awesome.

If you'd like to sponsor, please get in touch.

Current Sponsors:

Fred TechHub Absolute Media Carbon Creative Reason Digital

Also, if you'd like to grab a few beers sometime in Manchester if you're interested in talking, or covering a topic, send me a tweet @s10wen.

Finally, if you'd like to subscribe to the #McrFRED Newsletter you can do that here:

[Signup to the #McrFRED Newsletter] (no longer online).

Peace! :v:

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