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Here we go folks! The first McrFRED of the year and it's a good one ^_^

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In case you didn't see, McrFRED is part of Together With Google Developers and last year I had a great time at the Google Web Community Leads Summit.

Here I met (amongst a whole host of awesome people) Jo Franchetti from @samsunginternet. Since then I've followed her work and saw her awesome post on CSS Grid. Jo has kindly offered to come to Manchester to deliver a talk based around the post, title and description, below.

Jo Franchetti

Jo Franchetti - @ThisIsJoFrank / @samsunginternet

Web developer advocate at Samsung Internet.

Getting to Grips with Grid

CSS grid finally brings 2 dimensional layouts to CSS with some incredibly powerful tools for creating beautiful responsive layouts. We'll start with the basics of grid and then explore how to build some common layouts that you'll see around the web, along with some advice on what grid is not for!

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