Simon Owen

Front-End Developer.

Creating Music With Clojure and Overtone With Chris Ford

Today I’m at ThoughtWorks Manchester learning: Creating music with Clojure and Overtone.

I’d never used Clojure or Overtone before so before and during the talk I tried to get set up, but hit a few frustrations along the way, so I wrote these up and how I fixed them in case it’s of help to anyone else who wants to get set up.

Getting Started With Clojure and Overtone.

McrFRED 16 Andi Smith

I’m happy to announce for Manchester FRED 16 we have AKQA’s very own Andi Smith gracing us with his presence.

McrFRED 15 Simon Owen

Manchester FRED fifteen. For this one I’m going to be going over a recent project covering the project from start to finish.