Simon Owen

Front-End Developer.

Jeffrey Zeldman and Andrew Clarke

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an event where Andrew Clarke had a Skype conversation with Jeffrey Zeldman. Here are my somewhat haphazard notes I took whilst there.

Manchester WordPress User Group August

Meeting notes from Manchester WordPress User Group August. Mike Little goes over the usual WordPress news and answers questions from attendees. Then Tom Nowell goes into some of the great things you can do with WP-CLI.

Creating Music With Clojure and Overtone With Chris Ford

Today I’m at ThoughtWorks Manchester learning: Creating music with Clojure and Overtone.

I’d never used Clojure or Overtone before so before and during the talk I tried to get set up, but hit a few frustrations along the way, so I wrote these up and how I fixed them in case it’s of help to anyone else who wants to get set up.

Getting Started With Clojure and Overtone.