Simon Owen

Front-End Developer.

McrFRED 23 a Practical Journey to Web Components

This month we have some of the talented folks from the Financial Times talking about Web Components. This McrFRED will be split up into 3 Acts and get a sneak peak to how the team use their in house ‘Origami’ to help set standards, conventions and tools for building websites at the FT.

Confconf Notes

This year I’m co-running my first conference @upfrontconf. ConfConf was a great opportunity to attend a conference about running conferences (yes, oh how meta smile) and learn some great things to make @upfrontconf the best it can be.

Here are my notes from the event. I wrote these mainly for myself to jog my memory so apologies if things don’t quite make sense. If you’d like something elaborating, please hit me up on Twitter and I’ll try my best to clarify.

McrFRED 22 User Experience

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a good break and feeling all refreshed smile. For the first McrFRED of 2015, I’m happy to announce two great User Experience talks. Read on for further details…

Manchester WordPress User Group November

Meeting notes from Manchester WordPress User Group November. This month we have Siobhan McKeown going over some of the things in the WordPress pipeline and some of the things she’s been up to recently.

McrFRED 20 Lightning Talks

zapzapzap For Manchester FRED 20 let’s mix things up a bit zapzapzap

The idea is to have a few people talking with a variety of topics, each talk should last no longer that 10 minutes. If you’d like to talk please read on and submit your topic.

Jeffrey Zeldman and Andrew Clarke

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an event where Andrew Clarke had a Skype conversation with Jeffrey Zeldman. Here are my somewhat haphazard notes I took whilst there.