Simon Owen Design World Collaboration with James White and Abduzeedo

James White Abduzeedo

James White and I have been following many of the same artists for years now, recently I've been doing a lot more code and building websites, but when I saw one of his PSDs available on I thought right… 'I'm doing something with this'.

So I took my logo Simon Owen Design Logo and his PSD and fused them together. Happy with the end result and got an overwhelming response.

James White:

Wow, that's awesome brother. I've never seen so many pieces of Signalnoise art on one canvas before. Really appreciate it, man. I know how normal careers can get in the way of other creative stuff, but good for you. Taking the time to mess around in Photoshop a bit here and there is a good step to take, you never know where it might lead if you stick with it. Thanks for passing your design along, dude. All the best, Simon.

Having had my car broke into the same morning, it really cheered me up when I came to my inbox and saw a reply from James. Thanks again for all the great work and taking the time to reply.

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