Manchester Front End Web Development Meetup


Do you know know of anywhere in Manchester where front end devs get together? If so please let me know, so far I've not found anything, so looking at setting something up. If you're interested, please comment below and if there's interest I'll look at setting something up.

Please send this link to others you think might be interested.

Front end web development is getting increasingly complicated, gone are the days of being able to show a client flat artwork of how the site will look and 'pixel perfect' web design. There's so many discrepancies between devices and browsers, so where do we draw the line? Sure we can use polyfills to go back and help out older browsers, but should we? How do you start a web site build these days? Static HTML? Straight into a CMS like WordPress? How do you deal with mobile testing? What if a client wants amends making to a live site? How do you deploy your site? FTP? a build script?

These are just a few of many issues web developers have to tackle.

I'm interested to share my ideas, find out what others are up to and have a drink or two along the way.

Sound good?

Please comment below, cheers!

EDIT (Feb 17th): Do you know of a venue, or can you help sponsor?

What we'll need (I think!): A room for 30 people, at a guess. A projector to link a laptop to. A camera to film the event. Drinks, Beers (if that's ok?). Nametags.

It's my intention to follow the lead of @edgeconf, the final slide will show any sponsorship, anything that was given for free, how much money was made via attendee admittance and where all the money went, venue hire, camera hire, drinks.

Any remaining funds will be donated to

EDIT (Feb 18th): Going to have a look at a venue in Manchester this Wednesday with a view to looking at the event taking part on Wednesday 20th March 6.30 till 9pm.

EDIT (Feb 25th): It's confirmed! The first Manchester FRED will take place on Wednesday 20th March 6.30pm till 9pm at the wonderful TechHub Manchester.

Tickets are limited to 30 people and available here:

All money left over from the event will be donated to


EDIT (Mar 2nd):

Thanks to those who have already bought tickets! I'm currently looking for sponsors for the event.

£10 - £20 each sponsor to go towards costs, will get you a logo on the site, a mention on the night and as the event will be filmed your logo will appear on the video on YouTube.

If you're interested in helping to sponsor please get in touch via Twitter @s10wen.

Thanks muchly!

Current sponsors:

Fred TechHub 24 Pull Requests Typeplate Gray Ghost Visuals Brazly 3/4 Productions CodePen

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