Manchester FRED Gets Responsive

Feedback from the first #McrFRED came in with an abundance of questions relating to responsive web design. So this formed the basis for the second Manchester FRED.

If you're unfamiliar with the 'FRED' movement you can find out more about it here:

Sam and Tom stepped up to help me out with the demand.

Sam - @sammotea

Manchester FRED - Sam

Photo Credit: Jaik Dean @jaikdean

Sam kicked off with an introduction into responsive web design and responsive web design from a business mindset.

He also bravely asked for questions after his talk. This turned into an interesting discussion and it was nice to see people are so passionate about this. Unfortunately I had to cut the discussion short due to time constraints, but I invite you to continue it below in the comments if you wish. :punch: :sunglasses:

Sam's Slides: / (no longer online)

Tom - @itsravenous

Manchester FRED - Tom

Photo Credit: Jaik Dean @jaikdean

Tom was up next and got technical giving some examples of how CSS preprocessors and frameworks can aid in responsive web design.

Tom's Slides: / (no longer online)

Simon - @simonowendesign

Manchester FRED - Simon

Photo Credit: Jaik Dean @jaikdean

Finally, I went over some things to consider when thinking about responsive web design, ideologies, tools and workflow ideas that can aid in the process.

Simon's Slides: / (no longer online)

Thanks again to the sponsors:

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Please follow the feedback form link below, great to hear any feedback:

#McrFRED Feedback Form

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Next big topic that was mentioned from the feedback so far is Git and GitHub. Looking forward to running a workshop for the next event, inviting you to bring down your laptops. Will have a brief intro into Git and GitHub, then some hands on coding and contributing to

Sound good?

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