McrFRED Round 3 GitHub Workshop

McrFRED Round 3 is confirmed for Thursday 30th May, 6.30pm.

Unlike the previous presentational events, this time will be a :point_up: hands on :point_up_2: workshop.


Photo Credit: Jon Rohan @jonrohan

Jacob Clark @imjacobclark and Tom Moitié @tmoitie will be helping out, giving talks, helping get set up with a GitHub account if you don't already have one and walking through some of the processes involved in the wonderful world of GitHub.

So… Please bring your laptops :computer:.

If you could reply in the comments :speech_balloon: below if you're attending and if you can / can't bring a laptop, so I can get an idea of numbers.

If you'd like to sponsor, please get in touch.

Time Plan:

  • 6.30pm Arrive.
  • 6.40pm First talk - Introduction into Git and GitHub, basic commands.
  • 7.00pm Get everyone up and running with Git and GitHub.
  • 7.30pm Second talk - Why use Git, ssh keys, intermediate and advanced commands.
  • 8.00pm Contribute to, show how to pull a repo, contribute, submit a pull request.

We will be covering the following, but if you'd like to get a heads up;


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