Some Awesome Things

Bit of a random post. Feeling a bit nostalgic. Thought I'd share a few thoughts [insert emoji here] I mean here --> :yum:

So the iPhone 5s / 5c was announced the other day and also recently Samsung announced their new watch the 'Samsung Gear'.

Recently I also got a new MacBook Air 13". I've had 15" PowerBooks / MacBook Pros in the past but was so glad I made the move to an Air. For me, I've found the extra battery life, being smaller and lighter much more awesome than I originally thought it ever could be.

I also got a nice 'blanket' case for it: Again, very happy with this.

I'd missed a few days on the Internet minding my sister's dogs:

I came back on today and in just 2 days I'd missed the Apple 'Special Event' (as they like to call it).

Also Man I love the Google Experiments, especially when it's music related and interactive.

And, also, Although there have been other parallax things about such as, and Matthew Wagerfield & Claudio Guglieri have created something really special, the motion is so fluid and jank free and the visuals are stunning. Great job chaps.

The questions are rolling in for EdgeConf, really enjoyed the first one, looking forward to viewing the videos for the second one later this month.

HTML5 Boilerplate v4.3.0 was released

I noticed a meetup for 'Responsive Images' Would like to hear what the outcome of that one was.

Then I found / (no longer online) an awesome 3D HTML5 game. This is available, today, in browser. It's awesome, although pretty annoying as I'm not very good at it and the music sounds great, but I haven't managed to hear it all as you need to be good to keep the music going :angry:.

Always a fan of Addy's work and his work along with the rest of the Google Chrome Dev Tools is awesome I mentioned jank before, it's something that Paul Irish and Jake Archibald have been doing some awesome stuff with I hate jank, but luckily these dudes are on the case and doing all sorts of awesome posts and screencasts to help rid the web of jank. and are particularly good resources.

So, where am I going with all this?

After 2 days, just 2 days away from the web, Internet, internetz, www, flying unicorns that have ninja samurai cats riding them or however you'd like to word it, look at all this awesomeness that happened.

And… that's just an extremely minute amount of things that happened.

Going back to my first talk at McrFRED when I first started building sites, Google wasn't even there, let alone for us to be in a position to have such a plethora of awesomeness being thrown at our disposal, readily available and free from all directions to help teach and push things forwards and better things.

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