McrFRED 26 CodePen Special

Wassup! For this month's McrFRED I'm excited to announce we'll be doing a special CodePen event! Woop woop :)

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The event will take place on Thursday 28th May, 6.30pm at SpaceportX on Lever Street.


CodePen is a great online tool that allows you to edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript code and quickly see what the code will output to the browser. It's possible to save and share your code as well as a lot of other great features!

The idea is, I'll do a quick intro then we'll split up into groups (please bring your laptops!) and I'll set a series of challenges. I want everyone to feel welcome, we'll have a variety of different challenges to appeal to everyone from beginners to the experienced amongst us.

We'll also have a few people on hand to help educate and point you in the right direction.

Then (if you want) you can show everyone what you've been up to :) I'll also do a post following the event with all the CodePen's on.

Sound good? Hell yeah!

p.s. if you have any ideas on what the challenges could be please let me on twitter: @s10wen

I'm also happy to announce that this McrFRED will be a part of the Google I/O extended event.


Thanks to all of you that put your names forward to volunteer. Volunteers on the day will be;

As an added bonus, we'll also have some CodePen goodies up for grabs :smile:

Meetup Page

Meetup Page

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Thanks to the sponsors:

Carbon Creative Orchard CodePen

If you're coming to this event, please do thank the sponsors on Twitter, without them it wouldn't be possible.

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