McrFRED 37 Barney Scott from Code Computerlove

Thanks last month to Branny for his great talk on Working with Legacy Projects, this month we have Barney Scott, also from Code Computerlove, who is going to help us all deal with our gulp addictions.

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Barney Scott

Barney Scott - @bmds

Barney is a Senior Front-End Developer at Code Computerlove. He's worked in the network team of an ISP, for series of agencies, and freelanced for a period.

He's in to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Gulp and most other webby buzzwords, generally all things geeky.

Dealing with your Gulp addiction

We've all been there. New project, a chance to finally use those gulp modules you've been reading about, lets do it!. 3 Weeks later you've got a 700 line Gulpfile and it's always breaking. You're spending just as long maintaining the file as doing actual work, and you're pretty sure that half of them aren't actually running any more.

Having been there myself this is my guide for breaking out of the cycle.

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