Case Study Telux

Telux Invosys

Case Study: Telux

Telux is the technology arm of Invosys, a successful telecoms business recently dubbed as one of the "Most Exciting Companies in the North" by Business Insider.

As well as websites, they have applications that are used by their clients. The applications are very powerful and a lot of work has gone into making them. As is often the case with complex dashboards and back-end technologies, sometimes the front-end doesn't receive the same treatment.

This was apparent with Telux and although they have a skilled back-end team who have put the application together, it required some love on the front-end.

Key Responsibilities and Work Carried Out

At Telux, I put together a front-end team. Through my involvement in the Manchester Tech Community, McrFRED and UpFrontConf I'm lucky to know a number of great developers. I recruited three team members and we got the first project underway.

When putting a new team together it's important that standards and methodologies are in place to ensure success. Using JIRA, I put together and educated the team on how to effectively create and manage sprints to align goals with key stakeholders. Using an internal Wiki, I created documentation on coding standards in order to make sure every team member could work together efficiently.

Other things I have set up and put in place include:

Team Management

  • 'Day One' Documentation for New Team Members
  • 121s
  • Retros
  • Definition of Done

Project Management

  • Sprints
  • Sprint Review Packs
  • Various Workshops and Strategy Meetings


  • IDE Setup
  • Version Control
  • Git Branching and Code Review process
  • Coding Standards for: git, Sass, JavaScript
  • Style Guide
  • Component Library
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Secure Password Management
  • Front-End Team Pack
  • Business Proposal for an Improved Website Strategy

Team Building

The Telux Team Tech Day:

Team building and communication is vital to a team. Attending the #alldayhey conference was a great way to help us get to know one another and learn valuable information.


The first major project for the Front-End we called 'Potentium' (well done if you know the reference, if not, it's Star Wars 💫). The main code base was already using React and Material Design so it made sense to play to the strengths of what had already been implemented.

The team did a great job and it was great to hear that whilst the sales team were Beta testing, a potential client happened to see the project and signed up to it. This made for some very happy stakeholders.

Client Feedback

Employee of the Month

I have never been so motivated by a boss. Constant drive. Executes plans by working with all of us.

Best Communication Award

Best Communication Award

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