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FireSASS equivalent or similar for Chrome Dev Tools Chrome Office Hours, live from London

I'm really getting into SASS and use it on a regular basis and find a combination of LiveReload and FireSASS is helping me out in my workflow. LiveReload and FireSASS basically allow you to edit a SASS file then LiveReload will compile the SASS file to CSS as well as extra 'stuff', this 'stuff' allows you to debug in Firebug and still see the code line number from the original SASS file, as in the compiled CSS it's likely to be different. If you're not familiar with SASS or LiveReload I'd recommend going checking them out.

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How to automatically compile a SASS file refresh your browser and iPhone using LiveReload with MAMP and WordPress

I've recently be using an App called LiveReload in my workflow. It enables the browser to automatically refresh when you save your files, which is cool. If you imagine making a few hundred changes a day, this soon adds up. It will also compile files, if for example you're using a SASS file, even better… and recently I got it working with an iPhone (pretty sure it'll work with iPad as well, going to test this soon). So have done a screencast to demonstrate how I set this up. It's my first screencast so hope it's ok. Please feel free to comment if you've got any suggestions how to improve it.

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