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I love seeing how other developers work, normally I'll be like 'Hey, did you just do that?' and 'WTF was that you just did?'.

Watched this one by Paul Irish a while back, awesome stuff and more recently saw this post, again, awesomeness.

So… I've been meaning to get one together for a while and well, here it is, a screencast showing some of the stuff I use. Had a bit of a cold, my Internet connection wasn't too great and it was a bit adhoc so apologies if it's a bit quiet and there's no editing, will add a few pointers below to hopefully piece this together :D

What I'd recommend is opening up the video in a separate window and use an app like Divvy, or you can just do it manually so you can view the notes below as well.

Applications and Hardware setup I use can be found here:

/ (no longer online)


0:30 - GitHub Cheat Sheet

1.20 - QuickSilver is free, there's also a similar app called Alfed.

2:20 - TotalFinder - Can this be done? Cmd + Shift + T to re-open a tab?

Yes, it now can! But at the minute you'll need to activate 'pre-releases':

Finder > Preferences > TotalFinder > About > Check 'Include pre-releases', then click 'Check Now'.

5:30 - Remember this will need to be changed when live!

6:12 -


<VirtualHost *>
ServerAlias *
DocumentRoot /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/

Hmmm… The httpd one should have opening < VirtualHost * > and closing < /VirtualHost > tags, but they're not showing on my site, will check this out. Sorted



8:42 - Lol… I was pointing at my screen 'Obviously you can't see that'.

9:30 - Phoenix / Monokia Theme

10:02 - Shortcut is Cmd + T here.

10:20 - Mainly a load of H5BP goodness :)

10:25 - Google App Engine FTW!

11:37 - Sorry was tired! Meant the angle bracket: <

12:00 - Saved the file here first instead of Cmd + Shift + P, then type 'set html'.

12:30 - There we go ^_^

13:00 - Zen Coding is now Emmet, check it out.

15:10 - Actually dragged just the theme folder here, not the entire folder!

16:05 - FireSASS equivalent now in Google Canary. Great job @GoogleChromeDev, @ChromiumDev.

16:34 - Lol…

17:00 - Would be nice if I had YSlow / Page Speed for my Internet connection :p

18:20 - It is possible if you have access to your router to fix your IP. Haven't got around to doing it yet, but I'd recommend it so you don't have to keep updating it.

19:00 - LiveReload / iPhone and other devices etc…

21:31 - Implementing a build script is something that's on my 'Things to do' list.

22:40 - Was in the root folder, not the theme folder that is where the repo is.

23:20 - Git aliases

23:40 - Sorry! Forgot code again.

24:07 - Got it :)

24:23 - Boink, boink, boink. How do you get out of that??? Forgot shortcut!

25:15 - You can do this in one go, but that's risky business ;)

And there we go, so hope that helps, if you've got any questions, feel free to get in touch. What I'd love to see are screencasts on how people handle the database side of things from local to live.

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