Chrome Dev Tools Theming with Zero Base Themes

Want an easy way to create your own theme for Chrome Dev Tools?

Zero Base Themes has your back.

Previously I created so-dark-monokai-v3 a dark theme for Chrome Dev Tools based on the popular monokai theme.

/ (no longer online)

Chrome Dev Tools so-dark-monokai-v3

The problem with maintaining one .css file in your own repo is trying to keep up with all the awesome work the Chrome Dev Tools team are doing.

I created to try and help rectify this and began converting everything to Sass, then I got distracted, busy with other work and chameleon lay dormant for several months whilst I put in quick fixes for so-dark-monokai-v3 as and when required.

Then… One day I noticed Maurice Cruz put this up:

Using Less, Maurice had created a great starting point for getting up and running with Chrome Dev Themes.

I got in touch with Maurice and we joined forces.

I'm really happy with the way Zero Base Themes is going (although I still prefer the name Chameleon :wink:).

Below is a quick screencast of how you can get up and running, implement one of our themes, or create your own.


[EDIT] You'll also need to make sure you've got Developer Tools experiments and Allow custom UI themes.

Open a new tab in Chrome > chrome://flags > Enable Developer Tools experiments > Check.

Open Chrome Dev Tools (Cmd + Alt + i) > Settings (Shift + ?) > Allow custom UI themes > Check.

Restart Chrome.

Chrome Dev Tools so-dark-monokai-v3

Chrome Dev Tools so-dark-monokai-v3

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