Chillout Weekend Part 1 of 2

As I previously mentioned in my Weekend in the Woods post, as a developer and spending lots of time sat in front of a computer, sometimes it's good to unwind and 'unplug'.

This weekend I did just that.

Part 1 - A Walk and Beer Festival in Hawkshead

A Walk and Beer Festival in Hawkshead

Recently I've been working a lot of hours on a project that I'm excited about and is almost ready to go live.

Harry's post Make it Count and Andrew's tweet

are common place amongst developers I know. I started feeling like I wasn't at my best and so made a conscious effort this weekend to not work on the project I've been heavily involved with over the past week or so.

It's no secret that I love a good beer, hence why after most McrFRED events we end up at Port Street, a decent pub serving the finest ales in the land.

All Beer No Belly

My good friend Paddy aka @allbeernobelly and I have previously done a walk / beer session in Huddersfield / (no longer online). It was great and so we decided we should do it again.

Paddy discovered that there was a beer festival on at Hawkshead and suggested we take our next walk / beer session to Hawkshead. This weekend, perfect!

I'm pretty sure Paddy will do a write up of the walk and beer festival, so I'll link it here when it's up.

Some photos I took of the walk and the Hawkshead beer festival:

Here's the beers I tried (unfortunately doesn't have embed code, hopefully they're working on it, so here's a screenshot):

Hawkshead Beers


After a decent walk up a hill, some great beers, food and interesting conversation ranging from meditation, isolation tanks, Egyptology and The Human Flag I felt fully refreshed. Looking forward to our next walk and beer session.

:walking: :beer: :walking: :beer: :walking: :beer: :walking: :beer: :walking: :beer: :walking: :beer:

Part 2 - Halo

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