Manchester WordPress User Group May

In a rather rainy Manchester…

Manchester WordPress User Group

General Session

WordPress News

Security update for WP Touch

WordPress 4.0 now in beta

New interface for media, more elements now viewable in the back-end preview window.


WordCamp Bournemouth -

Drupal + WordPress sprint - July 19th - TechHub Manchester

WordCamp Europe in Bulgaria - September 27th / 29th -

Rhys Wynne -

PHPNW 2014 -

Plugins - but be careful of update changes, as some features have been removed recently.

Pdfs / Slides / Book creation for the web that can be embedded in WordPress

Selling memberships with PayPal, easy way to do it through

Take a form and download it as a pdf:

Vagrant - svn

develop locally in vagrant, vmware - virtualbox equivalent, virtualmin / webmin - set up custom controls to run custom scripts e.g. svn pull / grunt, for database changes - code up scripts to populate, use slugs - but yes, this will break if the slug changes.

Tim Nash 'WP-API' JSON rest api

Jedi Tim

Jedi Tim using the force to show us the way of the wp-api

Slides should be available soon at:

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