McrFRED 17 Bruce Lawson

For Manchester FRED 17 I've managed to convince the one and only Bruce Lawson to come to Manchester with the promise that there'll be plenty of beautiful pants on show.

The event will take place on Thursday 28th August, 6.30pm.

At TechHub Manchester v2.0 on Lever Street.

Bruce Lawson

Is Blink the new IE6?

Blink is the rendering engine that powers Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Opera. Devs love it, and devs hate IE6. So how could Blink become the new IE6? Come with me on a journey down memory lane to a time when the Netscape dinosaurs ruled the earth and IE6 was the best thing since sliced pennyfarthings, and we'll ask ourselves if history is repeating itself.

You can follow Bruce on twitter @brucel and follow his blog at

Ticket spaces have now increased thanks to TechHub, but please do :sunflower: :sunglasses: sign up :sunglasses: :sunflower: early to avoid disappointment.

Thanks, look forward to seeing you then.

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Thanks to the sponsors:

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If you're coming to this event, please do thank the sponsors on Twitter, without them it wouldn't be possible.

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