McrFRED 2015 Call for Speakers and Sponsors

I'm looking for speakers, sponsors and volunteers to help with Manchester FRED for 2015.

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First of all I'd like to thank all the people who have attended McrFRED so far, it's been great to meet you all. I'm grateful for all your support and kind words regarding the events. I'd also like to thank the fantastic speakers who have given up their time to speak at McrFRED and educate us all.

  • Samuel Thompson
  • Tom Jenkins
  • Stu Cox
  • Andrew Nesbitt
  • Martin Rue
  • Chris Mills
  • Morgan Feeney
  • Rich Higgins
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Ben Frain
  • Joe Critchley
  • Patrick Lauke
  • Dan Donald
  • Andi Smith
  • Bruce Lawson
  • Anthony Casey

And a super big thanks to last years sponsors:

GitHub Firefox Carbon Creative Reason Digital CodePen oneiota

If you'd like to speak, sponsor or volunteer to continue this great event (yeah, ok I'm biased, but it is, right? :wink:) please get in touch!

McrFRED 2015 will run every last Thursday of the month at SpacePortX from 6.30pm till 8pm, then generally we'll go the pub to continue the discussions if that's your sort of thing.

Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you!


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