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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a good break and feeling all refreshed :smile:. For the first McrFRED of 2015, I'm happy to announce two great User Experience talks. Read on for further details…

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The event will take place on Thursday 29th January, 6.30pm at SpaceportX on Lever Street.

Barry Briggs

Barry Briggs

Barry is a Senior User Experience consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. During that time he counts himself lucky to have worked with some of the best agencies in the north-west (plus a spell client-side that he would rather not talk about), and has worked on numerous successful high profile projects, across a wide variety of sectors, for both national and global brands. He’s a usability obsessive, one of the Northern User Experience (NUX) team, a chronic perfectionist and a would-be evil scientist. In between all this he spends far too much time in his quest for the perfect quiff.

How to test your mobile site without spending a fortune…

In which @quiffboy will show you why usability testing your site on mobile devices needn’t be difficult or expensive, but might require a bit of DIY.

Rick Threlfall

Rick Threlfall

Rick heads up the User Experience Design team at Waters Corporation. Originally starting out in development, he has been creating software for the clinical, environmental, pharmaceutical and other areas of the scientific world for nearly 25 years. Rick now works closely with users, product marketing groups and research scientists in the UK, Germany and US to design and prototype solutions ranging from mobile and web apps through to walk-up systems, desktop data systems (for acquisition and analysis of mass spectrometry/chromatography data) and lab management solutions.

Data Visualisation for Humans

Creating engaging visualisations is one of the best ways to make your data useful. Taking anything from massive data sets down to a simple list, if we know the questions that we are asking of that data and the decisions we need to make - then we can design an interactive visualisation to accomplish the task. This talk examines the key traits of human perception and how they might be applied to make your interactive visual designs more effective.

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