McrFRED 29 Katie Fenn on Chrome Dev Tools and Measuring CSS with Parker

I'm pleased to announce that this month Katie Fenn will be doing 2 talks. The first, we'll be taking a dive into Chrome Dev Tools. Secondly how you can improve your CSS with Katie's very own Parker.

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The event will take place on Thursday, August 27th, 6.30pm at SpaceportX on Lever Street.

Katie Fenn - @katie_fenn

Katie Fenn

Katie Fenn is a web developer with nine years of experience in JavaScript, CSS and PHP. She's been involved in the community and speaking at user groups for almost as long. She stays up too late contributing to open source software, playing videogames and is usually awake far too early watching motorsport.

Talk 1: Chrome Dev Tools, Inside Out

Chrome Dev Tools: A suite of tools to debug and profile the performance of your site. They're bundled with every copy of Chrome, and you have every reason to learn what they're capable of.

Starting with the basics of inspecting HTML and CSS, we will then tour debugging scripts line-by-line and profiling performance. We'll also find out the features that help you automate work and save time. If you've always wanted to know how to debug CSS and JavaScript, this talk will help you demystify your code and not make things worse by guessin'.

Talk 2: Measuring CSS with Parker

We have code quality tools for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Python; why not CSS too?

Parker is a code quality tool for running metrics against your stylesheets. It can warn you about problems with specificity, bloated code, performance, vague colour schemes and excessive use of !important.

I will show the ways Parker can be used, and some of the interesting ideas it has led to.

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