McrFRED Together With Google Developers

I'm happy to announce McrFRED is now Together With Google Developers :)

TL;DR Google thinks McrFRED is pretty cool.

For those of you who don't know, McrFRED, [ pronounced Manchester Fred, not McFred please ;) ] is a monthly meetup ran in Manchester, UK every month for FRont-End Developers. You can follow us on twitter at: @Mcr_FRED and find out about past events here:

It's been great fun organising it, I'm always surprised how many developers there are out there and furthermore how willing we all are to devote our time to helping each other out as an industry.

Earlier last year Googler Daniel Franc approached me regarding McrFRED. Daniel has been doing some great work in uniting developers around the world and helping out with meetups. I've been in a few Google Hangouts which have been great. It's great to know there's so many people out there doing so many awesome things.

So what does this mean for McrFRED? With the help of Damien, Rupert Whitehead and whoever this chap is:

Paul Irish McrFRED

I now have Google's backing. The Googlers have emailed me with some hot tips of things that are coming and potential topics / speakers that I can think about for future McrFRED events.

I also get to use this nice shiny logo now as well :)

Together With Google Developers

Cheers Google!

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