McrFRED 35 Lightning Talks

For McrFRED 35 we're having another round of Lightning Talks :)

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Thursday, February 25, 2016 @ 6:30pm

SpacePortX, 24/26 Lever Street Manchester M1 1DZ United Kingdom

There's More to Code Reviews than You Might Think


Clair Shaw - @clairs

Clair is a freelance software developer and tester, who enjoys talking about QA and what’s wrong with everything to anyone who will listen.

An active community member, when she isn’t testing and breaking your hard work, Clair enjoys writing the best code she can, trying to learn to make better code, and trying to code better by working on and studying processes.

So, you do code reviews, and that’s great. But there’s always more that you can check during the review. More places you can check for any potential bugs or problems before deployment, before you find yourself with technical debt. Or worse: unforeseen downtime.

In this talk Clair will be going through the things that you should be checking to ensure confidence for developers, project owners and stakeholders. We’ll be looking at documentation, commit messages, and common code problems, with examples and tips along the way.

Learn how to harness Polymer to use web components in real world projects.


Mark Wheeler

Been developing for the web since 1999


What web components are:

  • Why they are useful
  • What is Polymer?
  • What is the shadow/shady dom?
  • Pros and Cons of using Polymer

(10 mins)

LibSass (node) vs Sass (Ruby)


Suresh - @bsuresh2

A short talk about learnings from us developing an enterprise e-commerce store, where we switched our process from using Sass(Ruby) to LibSass.


This talk will cover:

  • Migrating Libraries (Dependencies) (ex. Compass, Breakpoint etc.,)
  • Performance, Features & Ease of use
  • Migrating Build Agents, CI and deployment
  • Handling Code Quality and Documentation

(15 mins)

Using UmbrellaJS for modern applications


Matthew Claffey - @MattClaffey1

An introduction on UmbrellaJS and how we can use it instead of jQuery for simple use. I am also going to talk about the benefits of using a lightweight JS library that will improve performance, so you'll have more budget to play with.

Overall I will be going through:

  • What is it.
  • Why should we use it.
  • Pro's and Con's
  • What to do for IE8 & IE9

(5 mins)

Using flux to store your application's state.


Matthew Macartney - @MMacartney1

A brief introduction into what flux is, and how to use it to store state in your application.

(10 mins)

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