McrFRED 47 Simon Owen and Samantha Rogulska

For the next talk myself and my colleague Sam will be going over some of the things we've been up to recently at The Hut Group. Expect, style guides, Sass, components, organisation across a large team and security.

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Simon Owen - @s10wen

About Me

Style Guides, Components and Organisation.

In this talk I'll be looking at how we've put style guides and componenets together and how we've set about organising the platform to grow with the demands of the business.

Samantha Rogulska

Samantha Rogulska is a Senior UX Developer and Security Champion at The Hut Group. Currently working as Lead on the New Features Team, Sam is developing new features that are used across a web platform that serves over 120 different sites (with a few more on the way) trading in circa 50 different countries.

Security as a Front-End Web Developer

Often website security is considered to be a problem for only backend developers to solve. This presentation looks at why this is not the case and how we can improve and be more aware of website security on the Front-End.

Garry Finch - @gazraa

Garry is currently Lead UX Architect at The Hut Group. Previously he was the Head Of Front-End Development for the group. He's been doing web stuff since before IE6 was even a thing.

Do Some UX On It

In larger organisations introducing UX to the business and shifting the culture is a bit of a challenge. Here's an introduction to UX which I'm using to try and change the way people approach projects.

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