Google Web Community Leads Summit

Last Friday (23/06/2017) as part of my involvement with @Mcr_FRED and @UpFrontConf, I was invited by Google along with others from the UK and Ireland to attend the Web Community Leads Summit. Here's a brief summary of the day and what's coming next.

First off thanks to Rupert Whitehead for organising and hosting the event.

This was a great idea from Google, to get all web community meetup leads from around the UK and Ireland in a room together, figure out how we can all help each other and other web communities going forward.

The day started off with an introduction from Rupert outlining some of the goals of the day, then next up Alex had us move around the chairs and set up with 'speed meeting'. This was a great way to get to meet the majority of people quickly. We sat in 2 circles facing each other, spoke to each other for a few minutes, then the inner circle moved around 1, so now you're talking to someone new. Alex set us up with a few starter questions to get the ball rolling.


  • Meet other community organisers from the UK and Ireland Web community. Extend your network which will help sharing speakers and ideas.
  • Learn about web priorities from Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla and the support they can offer community leaders.
  • Learn how you can become more effective as an organiser of your group..
  • Discuss, as a community, what the right tools are to keep the collaboration going after the day.

This was a great way to start the day, I met many awesome people who helped answer some of my questions and hopefully I was able to offer some useful advice as well.

The day in general had lots of time for discussion and getting to know one another and had a comforting "Let's see what happens" feel to it and although there was an agenda it didn't feel strict or rushed, allowing for conversations to keep going when required.

There were also lightning talks from Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla giving us an insight on how they can help, as well as other community leads discussing various issues they've encountered and ideas of how to overcome them.

So, what's next?

Some actions from the back of the meeting include; getting a Slack group together, building up a bank of resources (such as Code of Conducts, meetup format suggestions, how to get an event space / speakers) and a website to collate the information and help others wanting to get involved.

Thanks again to Rupert and everyone involved.

Special shout out to Mel Wood for coming along with me and her continued support with @Mcr_FRED.

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