A New Home For McrFRED

We're moving to Hyper Island!

Hyper Island

Hyper Island

Thanks so much to SpaceportX and all the wonderful people who have helped contribute over the years.

SpaceportX is having some refurb work done, so for the foreseeable future, McrFRED will be moving downstairs to Hyper Island.

Please also note, McrFRED will now be held on the last Wednesday of every month, as follows:

  • Wednesday, March 28th
  • Wednesday, April 25th
  • Wednesday, May 30th
  • Wednesday, June 27th
  • Wednesday, July 25th
  • Wednesday, August 29th
  • Wednesday, September 26th
  • Wednesday, October 31st
  • Wednesday, November 28th

Thanks again to SpaceportX and Hyper Island.

Special thanks to @tashwillcocks for making this happen.

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