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At the start of the year, I set myself some goals. One of which was to create a screencast series. My my, it's taken a lot longer than I thought! But, I'm happy to announce it's now here. Read on to find out what it's all about…

Development Environment Machine Setup

One Minute TL;DR Video

Video Details

I try to keep the videos fairly short and to the point, so you can get through them quickly and learn and profit 😎.

The 'BONUS' ones aren't essential, but I thought they were handy things that I found along the way so added them in for you.

Here's a run down of the videos available in the course to give you an idea of what is covered:

bonus quicktime
BONUS quicktime [00:22]
Xcode [00:42]
Updates [00:16]
xcode license
Xcode license [00:27]
command line tools
Command line tools [03:27]
bonus screencast keyboard mouse
BONUS screencast keyboard mouse [01:08]
Homebrew [05:21]
homebrew git node
Homebrew git node [04:07]
casks install apps
Casks install apps [03:04]
casks install github desktop warnings and errors in terminal
Casks install github desktop warnings and errors in terminal [01:51]
apps intro
Apps intro [02:39]
apps alfred
Apps alfred [01:52]
Terminal [02:43]
bonus dropbox wallet key
BONUS dropbox wallet key [01:09]
bash dotfiles
Bash dotfiles [03:56]
Bash_prompt [02:15]
bash_prompt the dude
Bash_prompt the dude [00:52]
Path [05:03]
bonus exports
BONUS exports [01:07]
Aliases [05:48]
Functions [02:21]
Extra [01:14]
alfred app fix
Alfred app fix [00:42]
Editorconfig [01:49]
Gitconfig [01:34]
Gitignore [01:22]
macos intro
macOS intro [00:50]
bonus mysql install geekdom
BONUS mysql install geekdom [01:38]
macos ui ux
macOS UI UX [06:07]
SSD [01:02]
trackpad etc
Trackpad [01:53]
Screens [01:02]
Finder [06:10]
bonus photos activity monitor
BONUS photos activity monitor [01:24]
dock dashboard corners
Dock dashboard corners [02:26]
Safari [00:58]
iTerm [00:47]
activity monitor
Activity Monitor [00:41]
TextEdit [00:39]
chrome canary opera
Chrome Canary Opera [01:18]
Spectacle [01:58]
macos start finish
macOS start finish [01:18]
running dotfiles
Running dotfiles [03:30]
rupa z
Rupa z [02:13]
running dotfiles restart
Running dotfiles restart [00:25]
after restart
After restart [04:01]

πŸ€— 1 hour, 37 minutes and 31 seconds of awesomeness πŸ€—

The Low Down…

Over the years I've noticed time and time again people having various issues with the set up and maintenance of their development environments.

One of the things that Brad Frost talks about is this idea of 'just', with open source projects it's common to find a README file, but sometimes they mention:

just install this, or just do this, just do that.

Like Brad, the use of the word 'just' makes me feel like a bit of an idiot. I feel like it's presumed, that I'm already familiar with something.

However, I feel this is very far from the truth. I feel it's incredibly complicated and especially so if you're not familiar with running commands in the Terminal. What are those commands actually doing? and what impact is it going to have on your machine and other projects you're working on?

😎 I'd like to help with this 😎

πŸŽ₯ During this screencast series, I'm going to go over dotfiles and how they can help to automate the set up of a development environment. I'm also going to help to demystify what actually happens when you run those Terminal commands, what's going on under the hood and the affect it has on your development environment.

🍿 Other things I'll be covering are huge time savers and workflow tips, such as: various apps I use, how to make the Terminal a nicer place to work in and spend time, custom aliases to speed up your workflow, and macOS settings to improve your day to day tasks.

Like most things in web development I imagine over time, things will change.

So going forwards, I'd love to hear from you. If there's something I can improve upon, something else you'd like me to cover, or something you've found to be of benefit that I haven't mentioned, please, let me know and I'll be sure to add it in another screencast for you.

πŸ’¬ Here's a link over to GitHub where we can discuss each of the videos and provide any extra information:

I've really enjoyed putting this together for you and I hope you enjoy it too.


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Thanks to all the awesome people who have helped me along the way with this.

Particular thanks to:

πŸ¦„ Andrew Betts, πŸ¦„ Andy Clarke, πŸ¦„ Brad Frost, πŸ¦„ Chris Coyier, πŸ¦„ CΔƒtΔƒlin MariΘ™, πŸ¦„ Harry Roberts, πŸ¦„ Mathias Bynens, πŸ¦„ Jake Archibald, πŸ¦„ Paul Irish, πŸ¦„ Paul Miller, πŸ¦„ Sara Souedian, πŸ¦„ Sindre Sorhus, πŸ¦„ The McrTech Slack Group, πŸ¦„ Wes Bos

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