McrFRED 70 Alex Clapperton

For the next McrFRED, we will have Alex Clapperton joining us talking about optimising web fonts.

For this McrFRED, we'll be at Code Computerlove on 'Wednesday 27th March, 2019'.

It can be a bit tricky to find the entrance, please watch this video to help:

Please arrive earlier rather than later, sometimes we do start a little later due to traffic, or other issues, but please assume that we'll start on time. There's normally some good conversation to by had as well.

This talk is due to start at 6:30pm and will last around 30mins, with times for questions and socialising afterwards.

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Alex Clapperton

Alex Clapperton - @AlexMClapperton

Alex is a Foundation Front-End Developer at Code Computerlove. He has also been a co-organiser of McrFRED for the last 8 and a half months. As well as having a huge passion for Front-End Development, Alex is known by many for his admiration in collecting Apple products.

Web Fonts On A Diet

Typography is a fundamental part of good design, branding, readability and accessibility. Whether it be for print or the web. Web fonts enable all those mentioned, but without good optimsation, can come at a performance cost. In this talk I will go through some of the practices we are following to optimise web fonts, as well as a handy tool that can optimise our web fonts even further.

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Wednesday 27th March, 2019

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