Installing Sublime Text 2 on lxde, linux, useful for Raspberry Pi

One of my friends has just got a Raspberry Pi and we're looking to create a game on it.

Looking forward to our first 'Game Jam' event next week, not sure if we'll manage to get anything up and running, but sure it'll be fun and looking forward to seeing what the other people get up to.

I've been following these tutorials and so far have managed to get a Virtual Box up and running with lxde and using Geany as a text editor. I'm familiar with and love Sublime Text 2, so wanted to get this up and running.

Reading over this blog:

I set about the first method, but unfortunately that didn't work, so had to go through the more complicated second method. In doing so I ran into some issues, gksu gedit /usr/bin/sublime_text created a file but didn't bring it up allowing me to edit it. In the tutorials you don't install gedit so guessing as it can't find the application it just doesn't do anything. Then tried opening it via Geany but was then unable to save the file.

To get around this I opened up the terminal, changed to the root user su root went to correct path, then did sudo geany sublime_text in order to open the file in Geany as the root user, thus allowing me to save it.

Then created the sublime.desktop in Geany and saved in the location described.

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