WebGL Globe GitHub Data Idea

Big fan of /www.chromeexperiments.com/globe (no longer online).


Was thinking it would be great, if it could somehow get a load of GitHub data.

So it would be possible to do things like see the population of people on GitHub, type in a user or repo and see where all the code was going to or from, or real time commits happening across the globe.

Sound good? Can you help?

I've got a demo of the WebGL Globe up and running that I'll put online, but need to give it some data. From what I gather WebGL Globe requires a JSON feed with three parameters, longitude, latitude and magnitude.



It looks like it's possible to get 'location'. Wondering if there's anything out there, maybe with Google Maps? That would automate conversion of a location name to longitude, latitude.

Then next up, would need a way to tally the locations and add that as magnitude.

Any ideas? Or is this too ambitious?

Also thanks to @teabass for pointing me in the direction of https://www.githubarchive.org/ that may be useful.

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