McrFRED Round 5 Andrew Nesbitt on Development Workflow

McrFRED Round 5 is confirmed for Thursday 25th July, 6.30pm.

Turbo charging your front-end development workflow with node.js.

Last year Andrew launched

Totally awesome site… I wasn't that familar with Ruby on Rails and sent Andrew an email with an issue I had setting it up.

Impressed with his immediate, kind natured and helpful response.

Soon got it up and running and started contributing where I could.

Since then we've had some great Halo multiplayer fun and followed his future ambitions to 'to one day take over the world with a fleet of JavaScript powered quadcopters'.

Andrew is putting a talk together regarding some wonderful tools:


Gonna be a good one! Please comment :speech_balloon: to sign up for this event so I have an idea of how much pizza / beer to get.


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