McrFRED Sponsoring and Donating

How to help out with McrFRED by sponsoring and donating.

As mentioned in the previous post after talking to a few people, people wanted to sponsor and donate, but weren't sure how to. So here's how :bowtie:.

If you're interested in sponsoring it's £30 per event or £300 for the year, email your logo and link across to mcrfred[at] Then bring cash to an event, or send via PayPal:

If you'd like to donate, bring cash to an event in an envelope with your contact details on so I can thank you, or via PayPal:

Hopefully with enough people regularly donating a small amount this will add up and give us some extra funds to get those stickers sorted :wink:.

Sponsorship and donations go towards food, drink, travel and accommodation costs, anything left over goes to charity.

Thanks very much to all those people who have done so far and made it possible for McrFRED to take place and continue.

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