WordPress 10th Anniversary Manchester

Yesterday was May 27, 2013 and it was the 10th Anniversary of WordPress.

I was fortunate enough to spend it with some great people in Manchester, including WordPress co-founder Mike Little.

Such a great night, thanks to all those involved! Loved the quiz and thanks to having @SiobhanPMcKeown, @tomwillmot and some other clever chaps on my team we won :grin:.

Great interview with Mike that was filmed and hopefully will be up online soon if it's not already.

Thanks to the sponsors Interconnect IT, Human Made and Code for the People for the free drinks, food, WordPress pint glass and T-shirts.

Thanks also to @tomwillmot for teaching me how to tell the time on a Pebble watch.

Time on a Pebble Phone

The fantastic magician and hypnotist James Anthony for doing this:

He also managed to stick @rhyswynne to his chair!

Rhys has also put a blog post up that's worth checking out: https://www.rhyswynne.co.uk/wordpress-10th-anniversary-celebrations-in-manchester/

Some other links to check out:




Finally, some photos from the event:

Mike Interview

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