McrFRED 04 Videos Stu Cox on Modernizr

Videos from the fourth McrFRED with Stu Cox on feature detection, progressive enhancement and Modernizr.

Thanks to Chris at Three Quarters Productions for filming and editing.

As I mentioned at a previous McrFRED, keeping up to date and tracking projects on GitHub is a great way to learn.

Modernizr is a great example of this, with Stu mentioning that 95% plus of all pull requests are either accepted straight away or worked out with the person who submitted it and then later added.

Thanks again to Stu for taking the time to put together these wonderful slides and coming up to Manchester to speak at McrFRED.

Stu Cox


(Sorry about the noise at the start, if you'd like to help out by sponsoring or donating to help us get a microphone that would be awesome.)



Interactive View

Speaker Deck



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