McrFRED 19 Anthony Casey

Manchester FRED 19 wooooo! With Anthony Casey talking about 'Colour' and 'Boring'.


The event will take place on Thursday 30th October, 6.30pm.

Please note, TechHub Manchester has now renamed to SpaceportX

This event will take place at SpaceportX on Lever Street.

Anthony has been messing around with websites since 1996. He is Senior Designer at interconnect/it in Liverpool, who are a WordPress team that specialises in working with the publishing industry, including the likes of The Telegraph and The Spectator. Before that he spent a long time in the public sector, and it didn't damage him. Much.

Anthony Casey

I saw Anthony at and loved his talk on colour, so much so that after some pestering and the promise of good beer I've managed to convince him to do it again. Anthony has also been working on a new talk entitled 'boring'. If it's as entertaining as the first talk I saw him do, which I'm sure it will be, we're in for a treat.


Colour is something that just sort of exists in our lives.

We work with it on a daily basis, but rarely give it a second thought.

From Newton and the remote Himba tribe, to the International Colour Consortium, this talk will help you think more deeply about that particular shade of red.


What does Bruce Willis have to do with the web industry? It's boring.

But that's actually the best thing about it.

Boring is the best thing about a lot of what we do, we just don't talk about it.

So come with me and celebrate the boring. It's really quite interesting.

Follow Anthony on twitter @anthony_casey.


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