Free simple https with GitHub pages and CloudFlare

Here's how I got my GitHub hosted site to be https with CloudFlare.

1: Went to and set up an account.

2: With the hosting company I have registered with, I logged into their control panel and updated the Nameservers (DNS) that CloudFlare provided me after signing up e.g.


3: Within 24 hours I checked back on CloudFlare and saw my DNS updated.

4: Logged into CloudFlare, went to Page Rules, setup a new rule:

Always use https = ON

5: Done!

s10wen on https

Additional Thoughts

I'm not very familar with the ins and outs of https and I've seen and from there to and and then and:

simp_le --email [email protected] -f account_key.json \
-f fullchain.pem -f key.pem \
-d -d --default_root /var/www/html \

I really didn't find any of that simple. I also found it time consuming if I was to read up on it all. Hopefully the above 5 steps will help and I'll update this post if I find out a better way or more information.

I'd be interested to know the benefits of going with letsencrypt vs the method I used.

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