McrFRED 48 CodePen Special Monkey Island Cause and Effect

To celebrate the launch of Thimbleweed Park, we choose the theme for this workshop as: “Monkey Island: Cause and Effect”.

If you’re not familiar with Monkey Island, then go Google it, get it, play it, enjoy, then come back ^_^


Here’s what we got up to:

Replicated the ‘hand game’, also using a function so it could be updated to use 2 hands or more :)

Tommy Kolcsey
(it’s not much, but it’s something)

Allison Fewtrell
Shake on mouseover, disappear on click :)

Ben Marley and Vince Lee
Unfinished. The monkey is supposed to start off optimistic before heading over to the continent to negotiate
and returning with a sad face.

J Ward, responsive insult fight sequence.

Simon Pioli’s Fail at React JS

Jakub Igras - JS movents
both unifished
or css


Thanks for coming, looking forward to the next one.