McrFRED 54 Rapidfire

For this one I'll be hosting a panel on some comfy chairs with other web developers and answering all your questions!

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Simon Owen - @s10wen

Hopefully you know me by now ^_^

Mike Byrne - @13twelve


Mel Wood - @melwood82

Special thanks to Mel, who also helps with volunteering at McrFRED :D

Melissa Wood is a freelance / contract Front-End Developer, she’s worked for the likes of & The Fragrance Shop. She’s worked in digital for about 12 years and is a huge advocate for community collaboration & growth in that sector. Can often be found up a big hill somewhere with or without her bike.


Kat Loveday - @Kat_Loveday

Part Time Designer / Full Time Circus Artist | @katPolefire & @sirenasylumfit


Rapidfire is something that I've enjoyed from the shoptalkshow podcast: the idea is that I'll be joined by other web developers and we'll do our best to get through as many questions as possible asked by the audience.

Submit your Questions Here :)

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