McrFRED 62 Andrew Betts

For the next McrFRED, at our new home HyperIsland and another date change for this month 'Monday 23rd July, 2018' we have Andrew Betts joining us.

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Andrew Betts

Andrew Betts - @triblondon

Andrew is a web developer and principal developer advocate for Fastly, working with developers across the world to help make the web faster, more secure, more reliable and easier to work with. He founded a web consultancy which was ultimately acquired by the Financial Times, led the team that created the FT’s pioneering HTML5 web app, and founded the FT’s Labs division.

The tired, wired and inspired of HTTP Headers

HTTP has been gradually adding lots of new and exotic headers, and more are on the way. Learn about current best practices with Vary, Link, Content-Security-Policy, Referrer-Policy, Client-Hints, Clear-Site-Data and Alt-Svc, upcoming features such as Feature-Policy and proposals like Variants, Early-Hints and Origin-Policy. HTTP gives you incredibly powerful control over many aspects of the way a browser will process the page, and is often a more effective or more secure option than trying to achieve the same effect with tags or script in the page.

[Bonus] Additional Talk

Andrew's friend from the FT, Shunya will also be giving a talk: "Breaking the news in Japan: building the modern web in the far east"

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Monday 23rd July, 2018

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