Web Community Leads Summit

Last year I had the pleasure of being invited to the first #wcls it was a great event and last Monday I attended the follow up event.

This time, Microsoft hosted, with @simona_cotin doing a great job of organising and MC'ing the event.

The Agenda

Simona welcomed us and had a clearly defined agenda for the day.

We started with a similar approach to last year getting to meet people. It was nice to see a good mix of familiar and new faces.

After this @ThisIsJoFrank and @poshaughnessy put together a retrospective. One of the frequent positives here was the Slack group that was created.

https://webcommunityukie.slack.com/ if you're a community lead in your area, please come and join us :)

I myself can vouch for the Slack group. As a result of the Slack group I've had help with extra speakers at McrFRED and immediate useful, helpful feedback for meetup advice.

Some of the actions from the retro:

  • Improve branding
  • Create a logo / badge for communities to use
  • List events on the WCL website
  • Add a calendar for upcoming events
  • Create a mission statement
  • Hold another #wcls event 'up north' => Something I'm going to be talking to Simona about, fingers crossed!

Thanks to Jo for also putting together a Trello for this: https://trello.com/b/h9bU83WR/webcommunityleadssummit2018-retro

Other Things Learned

Some useful links from various people who gave lightning talks:

Personal Actions

McrFRED Co-Organiser

One of my challenges, having gone freelance this year (if you're interested I've been writing about this: First Week, First Month) is having the time to dedicate to a meetup and conference. I'm super enjoying some of the things I've been up to, including running a workshop for the BBC with hopefully more to come.

If you'd like me to run a workshop for you, please get in touch.

All this is awesome, but can make it tricky to find the time, or to keep up communications efficiently. Having discussions with a number of people, my feedback… get a co-organiser. And, so, I'm happy to announce that from today Alex Clapperton will be a co-organiser.

I've worked with Alex and he's a regular McrFRED attendee, so this made perfect sense. Please can you join me in saying thanks :)

Up North

I'd love to help bring the #wcls to Manchester. We have a great community here around http://technw.uk/calendar and other areas and it would be great to meet even more people and pool together all our resources and efforts and help each other out.


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