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Happy New Year folks! For the next McrFRED, we will have David Swallow joining us talking about accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders.

For this McrFRED, we'll be at Code Computerlove on 'Wednesday 29th January, 2020'.

It can be a bit tricky to find the entrance, please watch this video to help:

Please arrive earlier rather than later, sometimes we do start a little later due to traffic, or other issues, but please assume that we'll start on time. There's normally some good conversation to by had as well.

This talk is due to start at 6:30pm and will last around 30-45 minutes, with times for questions and socialising afterwards.

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David Swallow

David Swallow - @davidofyork

David Swallow is a Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group with a particular interest in user experience. Formerly he was an academic researcher in human-computer interaction at the University of York, UK.

There he gained a PhD in Computer Science, investigating how to integrate accessible web development practices into the existing workflows of professional web developers. Prior to that, David was a web developer, creating usable and accessible websites for property professionals.

A Web of Anxiety: Accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders

Anyone booking a vacation has likely encountered persuasive notifications urging them to "Hurry, only 2 tickets left!" or to "Book now as 6 other people are viewing this hotel". We’ve all fumbled to enter our credit-card details as an ominous timer counts down the number of minutes remaining to complete our transaction. The web is awash with all manner of so-called dark patterns, designed to convert visitors and part them from their money. While such intrusions can be a source of irritation or even stress for many people, they may be complete showstoppers for people with anxiety or panic disorders.

This talk will demonstrate aspects of user interface and user experience design that contribute to feelings of anxiety and panic. It will explore how we can avoid or reduce anxiety and panic triggers on the web and offer some practical guidance on how to improve accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders.

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Wednesday 29th January, 2020

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