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Simon is this incredibly rare combination of insightful and curious developer, broad and extensive knowledge of front‬-‪end development techniques, and a real motivation to me in his ability to inject energy into a community. Simon would be a huge asset to any team and I'm a bit jealous of the one lucky enough to scoop him up.‬

Paul Irish, Google Chrome Dev Team

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McrFRED 27 Tom Pearson Making Tools for Journalists

This month we have another superstar up from Financial Times. We'll be getting a look in at some of the interactive graphics FT use, SVGs, D3, node.js and more! As well as the technical aspects, Tom will also be looking at some of the things that can go wrong and those things that can go right. Look forward to seeing you there!

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McrFRED 25 Andi Smith

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Andi won’t be able to make for McrFRED 25, but fear not the show will go on!

I'm happy to announce for Manchester FRED 25 we have AKQA's very own Andi Smith back for a second dose of knowledge intake.

Event date: 30th April, 2015

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McrFRED 23 A Practical Journey to Web Components

This month we have some of the talented folks from the Financial Times talking about Web Components. This McrFRED will be split up into 3 Acts and get a sneak peak to how the team use their in house 'Origami' to help set standards, conventions and tools for building websites at the FT.

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confconf notes

This year I'm co-running my first conference @upfrontconf. ConfConf was a great opportunity to attend a conference about running conferences (yes, oh how meta :smile:) and learn some great things to make @upfrontconf the best it can be.

Here are my notes from the event. I wrote these mainly for myself to jog my memory so apologies if things don't quite make sense. If you'd like something elaborating, please hit me up on Twitter and I'll try my best to clarify.

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Gym and Diet

About 2 years ago I noticed that I'd started putting on weight. I've always been pretty skinny, reasonably healthy and never gained weight. I'm writing this at age 31 (yes, yes, yes, I know I look about 12 :wink:) and I remember being aged around 15ish and people pre-warning me that when I got to around 30ish that things would change. They were right.

This post is a brief account of my past, what I'm doing now, now that for the first time I've noticed weight gain and I aim that it will be something I can look back on, refer to and update in the future.

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