Halo 2

Carrying on from the Chillout Weekend post where I went over Halo 1, here's Halo 2.

Halo 2

1) The Heretic

Confusing, unplayable level. This is actually a cut scene.

2) The Armory

Tutorial, Master Chief - new suit mark 6 - minimap, no health bar, just shield, recharges faster.

3) Cairo Station

Stop Covenant who are attacking the human ship, find the Covenant bomb, give it them back ;)

Covenant talking about Pillar of Autumn, higher arcs not happy, 'the demon (Master Chief)', flood got in the way. Brutes? take Covenant.

Johnson, Covenant being punished, humans being rewarded, Cortana!, mention of 'reach', duel wield! Covenant boarding human ship, no melee with duel wield, lots of blue blood still, battle rifle, red Covenant, invisible Covenant, plasma cannon, Covenant with jet packs, flying bugs Covenant, big elevator, plasma grenades, big platform moving up and down, duel wield needlers, sword, 'give them back their bomb', talk of regret / Covenant prophet.

4) Outskirts

Defend Marines until help arrives, rendezvous with he Pelican, find the Marines, destroy Covenant on shoreline, take the highway tunnel to the bridge.

Massive Covenant spider thing (Scarab)! Arghhh. Waves of Covenant, duel wield needlers, elite climb up scenery, take Ally's weapon, sniper rifle, nice fire, Hotel Zanzibar, can see through sniper rifle scope, lighting, no limit light, 'A Day at the Beach', Warthog, big Covenant turret, Covenant 'grav tower', background scenery, smoke, warthog power slide, Covenant drop pods, gun dropped off Covenant ship, long subway, Covenant didn't expect us to be on Earth, Scarab gun looks powerful!

5) Metropolis

Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge, make your way to the surface, regroup with Marine forces in the city-center, board and destroy the Scarab.

Tank (Scorpion)! big long bridge, Ghosts, Wraith, huge Covenant ship in the sky, banshee's, can hit things miles away and see them explode, scenery blowing up, tank can't through, back in Warthog, amazing waterfall, tall buildings, wraiths, wraith has force push, lol getting through there in the warthog, scarab goes overhead and over building, there's Covenant on the Scarab, I'm on the Scarab's leg, ooops, I'm on the Scarab and it's moving! nice water, lots of Covenant on Scarab, can pick up Sword!!! Covenant ship jumping, following it in Human ship.

Back to Covenant who is being punished, 'Higherarchs have something special in mind', mausoleum of the arbiter, prophets showing film of a Covenant talking about 'fore fathers and the great journey', prophets talk about Covenant becoming 'The Arbiter'.

6) The Arbiter

Locate the Heretic Leader, pursue the Heretic leader, ? game crashed :cry:

What the?!!? I'm The Arbiter!!! Purple UI and a circle in the top loft corner, what's this? I can go invisible! Elite using console to open door, camouflage! Elevator down, transparent glass elevator wall, river conveyor belt, sentinels, sentinel beam weapon, other covenant weapon, open hanger doors, covenant sniper weapon, going down, lots of covenant, "defend him my brothers I will defend the Oracle", in Banshee with Phantom support, banshee rush and bomb, can't rush and fire at same time, can come out and get back in banshee whilst it flight, holding A and stick can do tricks in Banshee like spinning, so much space to fly around, shots going way into the distance, ? game crashed :cry:

7) The Oracle

Juggernaut 'that stench I've smelt it before'.

Escape the infested lab. Find the Heretic Leader and kill him. Cut the three cables holding up the station. Pursue the Heretic Leader back to the hangar. Kill the Heretic Leader. Still arbiter, woohoo, new copy didn't crash :relaxed:

Oh oh, baby flood?? heretic holodrone, flood! bit lift going down, sentinels, glass, smash, duel needlers ftw! lots of flood, nice 3d spinning blue animation, Heretic gets behind shielded door, going up, whoa station is in free fall, screen shake, don't jump down, oops, nice red glow on walls, going back down, amazing spinning yellow structure, off on banshee again, 'Dead or Alive…Actually, Just Dead', going back through level, with flood and covenant, level exploding, the heretic, the oracle!, 2 floaty balls turning into two Heretics, brute takes oracle.

8) Delta Halo

Clear the landing zone for the Pelicans, Extend the bridge, and cross the chasm. Push through the Covenant-held ruins. Reach the towers in the lake.

Back to humans, father! it's Keyes daughter! another halo!!! 'prophet of regret', drop down on to Halo, rocket launcher, lovely water, battle rifle, cool armor on soldiers, energy sword, warthog, activate bridge, beautiful animation, driving wraith! waterfall, board enemy ghost, hold to lock enemy vehicle with grenade launcher, lots of shield, ghost boost, they're in the middle, what's this a well? d'oh.. need to climb back up now, another fountain, jackal snipers. whoa nice view, big Covenant ship up ahead, honor guards! x4.

Prophet going to activate Halo, but going to need 'the object / the index' found a library like before where the index was.

9) Regret

Make your way through the first set of towers. Ride the gondola to the far towers. Pass through the submerged structures. Reach the main temple. Kill the Prophet of Regret and escape.

Flying bugs, lol 'don't bother getting up', jackal snipers, birds, hunters, floating platforms, gondola, 'one way ticket', crossing on gondola, lighting in water, crossed, ha funny shadow that's static, fuel rod cannon, going down in elevator, elevator drops into ocean, fish silhouettes, elevator comes back out, into corridor under ocean, hunters, Covenant static shadow game bug?, invisible Covenant, back in elevator, back in ocean, honor guard, back on gondola, oops fell!, heading over to main temple, nice ray beams on gondola, largest Covenant fleet ever seen. kill regret, lots of honor guards, prophet floating about and teleporting, can board, big beam weapon, master chief falls, tentacles get him.

10) Sacred Icon

Back to playing as arbiter, going to get the index.

Lower the Containment-Shield. Power-up the four Absorbers to lower the Containment-Shield. Make your way through the Flood-infester Wall. Rendezvous with your allies in the Covenant camp.

Little floaty around machine things, activate piston, enforcer, hit in the back, oops fell, deactivate plug lock, snow! blue lights in sky, enforcer and flood, more flood, mist, human flood, shotgun, where to go?! Ah a piston, down we go.. '100,000 years war', big ship going into big building, Covenant fighting Flood, going down? nope.. hold camp.

11) Quarantine Zone

Push through the Quarantine-Zone toward The Library. Link-up with the Spec-Ops Leader, and break through the Flood barricade. Retrieve the Sacred Icon before the Humans.

'objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear', whoa loads of enforcers, humans in warthogs and tanks, 'Healthy Competition', nice fire, big jump across, to continue, 'shooting gallery' can not let humans get the icon, huge lift moving, nice door opening, 'That old familiar feeling', ha this looks familiar, humans already here and taken out the flood, humans have The Index, brutes take The Index from the arbiter and double cross him

Back to Master Chief who is now with the Arbiter with 'little shop of horrors flood plant' (Gravemind?), 2401 oracle is here as well, Flood plant explains to the Arbiter that 'The Great Journey' will wipe everything out. Sends Master Chief to one location and the Arbiter to another to get the Index.

12) Gravemind

Locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index. Rescue the Marines being held in the detention-block. Follow the Prophet of Truth to the far tower. Stop the Prophet of Truth from boarding his Phantom.

Back to playing as Master Chief, fighting Brutes, got a red plasma gun, Cortana on pedestal, watch out for the captain it has a Brute Shot, going down in grav lift, green grunt, going back up grav lift, Covenant, hunters, Covenant now fighting Brutes, slip space bridge, fighting going on all over the place, nice fountain, nice view, flying Covenant, more Brutes, 3 Brutes shooting down with Brute Shots, invisible Elites, Fuel Rod Cannon, loads of Brutes fighting Covenant, got them all, invisible Elites,

13) Uprising

Defend from the Brutes, Exact vengeance on the Brute traitors. Fight your wat to the canyon floor. Raze the Brute encampment.

Oh oh flood got a prohpet, back to playing at Elite, lots of Brutes. 'Step Aside, Let the Man Go Through', yay Ghost, new Brute / Covenant vehicle Spectre, 'Fight Club', hmm room with all different weapons, maybe a big fight ahead? nice the in game movie shows the right gun I've got.

14) High Charity

Fight your way back inside the Mausoleum-tower. Stay ahead of the wave of Flood sweeping through High Charity. Find a way onto the Forerunner Ship.

Back to Master Chief, aw can't get in to fly docked Phantom, Halo favourite 'go back the way you came', curved round slipstream lift, unlimited light on gun, dark and misty, flood taking over, lost, ah it's a lift, 'Sanctified', going up, 'Once More, With Feeling'.

15) The Great Journey

Crush and Brutes in your path. Commandeer the Scarab. Escort Johnson's Scarab to the Control Room. Enter the Control Room, and deal the Tartarus.

Back to Elite, 'Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof', in Wraith, yay, huge Covenant ship in distance, still getting weird shadow bug (seems it's 360 bug), Hunters fighting by our side, Covenant with aliens style helmet, Covenant behind shields, corridors, Johnson got to Scarab first, in Banshee, Scarab shooting, huge Covenant ship in distance has reflection in water, can climb on Scarab but can't in, Scarab blast open doors, nice electricity sparks, fmv - Johnson, Elite and Brutes, Elite asks Oracle to explain about Halo, said they were built by the Forerunners to wipe out the parasite which also killed all the Forerunners. Brute put the Index in anyway! Idiot.. Brute glowing, has huge hammer, can't kill it? Ah need to wait for his shield to be down, got him, but cna't pick up his hammer weapon. Got the Index back. FMV - Other Halos can be remote activated from a place called the Arc. End Quote:

This is Spartan 117 can anyone read me? Over. Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship? Sir. Finishing this fight.


What's this? A final FMV and Cortana is talking to Gravemind?!

Other Notes

Duel wielding, minimap introduced, no health bar, just a shield, recharges faster, boost on ghost, banshee boost and roll, no immobilise with plasma gun, unlimited flash light, play as an Elite (the Arbiter), Brutes, new weapons, target to lock on with Rocket Launcher, 4 grenades / 4 plasma grenades, new guns, new vehicles.

On multiplayer, you can customise your character, I always used to go for white / blue with the yin yang emblem.

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